Helping You Keep MORE
of What You Earn

Helping You Keep MORE of What You Earn



Thirty plus years ago, my tax returns were relatively simple; I prepared them myself. Then I got married. Among other financial situations, we made some small investments (some good, some not so good), had children, bought a house that turned into and investment property, purchased an investment property that tanked and went through a real estate crash short sale, and got divorced. Since 1982, Steve Press and ultimately Press & Wesockes, has prepared tax returns for me and my family members. Throughout each year during and outside of tax season, questions are answered promptly and professional by Steve and his staff; unusual situations researched and resolved, and pricing remains competitive and reasonable. If you are considering a new CPA firm, I can honestly recommend Press & Wesockes. Elise S. Leonard, Paralegal, Miami, Florida

Steve Press has been my accountant for my tax returns and other very complicated transactions for approximately 15 years. I have found him to be extremely honest, dedicated and very knowledgeable concerning the tax laws and the newest changes in the laws. I can count on him to get the job done perfectly. Maxine Boggy, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Press and Wesockes has been my accounting firm for at least the last twenty five years. Currently they handle all our family’s business and tax reporting. I have referred them clients through the years who have come back to me and indicated Steve Press is now the accountant they will be using going forward. It’s always comforting to know when you refer someone today, that your confidence and trust will be respected – something I’m always sure of at Press & Wesockes, LLP.
As a financial advisor in practice in south Florida over 31 years, I’ve met many accountants through the years, and Steve Press is my ‘go to guy’. I am thrilled to be part of an influence that will help people discover that today you can have an accounting firm who’s not just interested in filing forms and feeding information into a computer. At Press and Wesockes, LLP, they actually do the work, help you plan a strategy for the future as it pertains to your taxes, and they regard your tax responsibility as if it were theirs.
If you happen to read this and feel it’s too good to be true, do what I do when I refer the firm – I tell people, give them your last tax return, ask for an opinion, and then you’ll see the expertise, the care, the knowledge that you’ve been looking for, for all your tax and business planning needs. Rick J Silverman, Senior Vice President, Wealth Advisor, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

Steve Press has been microMICR’s CPA for over 15 years. He is a dedicated professional, his integrity and endless knowledge of all the latest tax codes is what sets Steve Press apart from all the other CPA’s. I would recommend Steve Press to any business. Chris Schoeller, C.O.O. microMICR Corporation

I let the experts, handle the tedious work of accounting, and I dedicate myself to my business and what I'm good at. I have used Steve Press and his firm for many years now, and have found that in any line of business a TRUST worthy accountant that is taking care of your bottom line as well as someone you can consider a friend is a must. I have been provided with real solutions to very big problems such as audits from the state, and because of his previous years of hard work I passed with flying colors. I highly recommend him and feel secure with someone I trust. The knowledge is there and it’s reassuring to work with someone easy going that speaks in layman's terms. We owe a portion of our success to STEVE ! Truly a valuable and gratifying experience. Susana Robledo, Founder & CEO Cube Care Inc.

As a new client I was amazed and pleasantly surprised by how far above and beyond the call of duty Steve and his firm went to accommodate my needs. I cannot thank them enough and we continue to feel much more informed and comfortable with his firm than our old CPA. We have finally found a firm that cares about us, not just the numbers. B. Vercosa, CEO Superclean Restoration Service Miami, Florida

I want to thank the firm of Press & Wesockes for doing such a fine professional job on my taxes and my mother's, as well. They are truly hard working, always willing to help at any time. I am a retired teacher and am so happy to have found such a nice group of people to do my taxes. Thanks. C. J. Drainer

I just want to thank you and your staff for your continued professional services with my tax returns for the past several years. Your attention to communicating promptly with your client and addressing their needs and questions, either by phone or email, is greatly appreciated. While I don't enjoy the reality of paying taxes, you make it an easier task each year! Keep up the great work! Joan T Wilber, Plantation, FL

I have been using Steve Press for over 4 years for my tax preparation. Every year Steve and his staff have over delivered on my expectations. They are always prompt and timely in their follow up. My calls and questions are handled in a professional, confidential manner with great attention to details. I would encourage you to call Steve and his Team, they are the Best! Ruth A. Disrude, Mondelez International, Nabisco Division, Florida